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What's more important than 'What We Do', is 'How We Do It'. Following are some of the Strategies that set ProList apart from the traditional Real Estate Companies you've probably encountered.

If you're like most homeowners, and are contemplating Selling your home; your first step will probably be to consider hiring a Real Estate Broker and Agent to list your house. At face value, most brokers may look the same; however, there are some features and characteristics of a Real Estate Company that you should always expect to ensure the best possible outcome for yourself. ProList incorporates all of the following in our exclusive ProList Home Selling System and Puts It In Writing:

Unequivocal Broker/Agent Trust
Local Market Knowledge & Expertise
A Fact-Based Pricing Strategy
Realistic Projection of Your Net Proceeds
Home Inspection by a Licensed Professional
Service Contract to Offset Unexpected Repair Costs
Marketing Plan Designed for Your Objectives
Attention-Grabbing Signage
Informative & Attractive Advertising Materials
 Getting Your Home Seen on Thousands of Sites
 Access to The ProList Friends & Neighbors Program 

Professional Photography
Buyer Incentive/Rewards Program

Timely Agent and/or Buyer Feedback
Advice on Handling Offers
Skilled Negotiation Techniques
Guidance on Contract and/or Repair Issues
Third-Party Coordination (Lenders, Title Companies, & More)
>No Last-Minute Surprises
A Successful Closing & Funding
Leave With More Money In Your Pocket
 A Contribution to Your Favorite Charity

Fixed Fee . . .

Unlike most Real Estate Companies who base their commission on a percentage of the sales price, ProList will List and Sell your home, regardless of its price, for a Low Fixed Fee. Not only can this save you thousands of dollars at closing, but it's the fairest way of making sure you're getting exactly what you're paying for, no more . . . no less. For example, if your neighborhood is like most, you probably have different size homes, that will sell for differing amounts. Say your home sells for $425,000 and the smaller one down the street sells for $375,000. Under the typical % plan, you would pay total commissions of $25,500, while your neighbor would only pay $22,500. Do you really think you got anymore 'bang' for your $3,000 'bucks'?

Marketing & Pricing Strategies . . .

Aside from picking the right broker, an effective Marketing Plan and Pricing Strategy are easily the most critical factors in selling your home at a high price and/or in a short amount of time. The decisions made prior to putting your home on the market set the stage for the results you will see at closing.

Agent Helping Clients

Marketing . . .

ProList utilizes a number of proven techniques, and some which are definitely outside the box, to make sure your Home is seen by the largest number of potential Buyers and Agents. This is the 'Awareness' stage of the Marketing Strategy, and sets the stage for the other two. Think about it sort of like fishing. Would you catch more with a single hook and line, or with a net.

Next comes 'Consideration' , which is the most critical stage, since this is where Buyers and/or Agents narrow the short list of properties they are actually going to look at. Since they are probably looking online, the major factors that are 'Deal Killers' are Bad Pictures, Vague Descriptions, Inadequate Neighborhood Information, and of course, Pricing.

Once the objective of getting a Potential Buyer to your door is realized, you begin the 'Preference' stage where your Home is evaluated against the others on their list. Some things such as Location, Layout, Age, or Schools can't be changed; but Drive-Up Appeal, Decor, and Tidiness can and will make a huge impression.

So What Is the Right Price?

Pricing Your Home Correctly presents one of the greatest challenges facing real estate brokers in today's marketplace. If you ask most real estate agents, they will tell you they determine prices by doing a comparative market analysis (CMA), which uses sales data of similar properties for the past few months. Unfortunately, since markets are so dynamic these days, information that is two, three, or four months old is not a very good indicator of today's prices.

Before ProList begins to develop a pricing strategy for you, we like to take a tour of your home. If necessary, we may make recommendations and/or suggest hiring a professional stager to increase visual appeal. We will then visit with you to learn more about your reasons for selling, and what the future entails. Your pre-sale home inspection will give you a good picture of your home's condition in the eyes of a potential buyer, and how to take remediation steps on your terms.

Finally, ProList utilizes a combination of good old-fashioned knowledge, plus proprietary algorithms to determine the best scenarios that match up with your particular situation. There is not a one-price-fits-all solution since different approaches will yield different results. Our objective is to come up with more than one pricing option for you to choose from.


The 'Buyer Select' Program . . .

Our 'BuyerSelect' Program is 'The Smart Way To Buy Your Home' . Not all Buyers will want or need the services of a Real Estate Broker/Agent to assist with their Home Purchase. ProList will offer those Buyers who are not under any Representation Agreement, the option of receiving Compensation for representing themselves during the transaction, on most of our Listings. This program lets Buyers realize a direct financial benefit, which can amount to several thousand dollars, while at the same time protecting Seller's margins by allocating previously budgeted money.